Happy Customers

Kevin has built a following of loyal customers since he opened his business back in 2001. You can read the comments of a few of those customers below.

From the Eckhardts:

“We can’t say enough good things about Kevin!  His work ethic, willingness to do the job just right and resultant customer satisfaction rate A++.  He is a great person. We completely trust his work!”

“We bought our house in Knoxville in December 2010 and needed to move in late January after selling our home in Michigan.  The house in Knoxville was built in 1979 and needed remodeling.  We were on a tight timeline so we got several recommendations to do the work.  We talked to Kevin first and never interviewed anyone else.  He seemed honest and straight-forward about what he could and couldn’t do.  He gave us a realistic cost estimate and time line to do the work.  We found that his skills and network of skilled labor accomplished some amazing things!  Three weeks into January 2011 we had moved living room and dining room walls, installed new drywall, added tile floors in a bath and laundry, installed new crown molding and baseboard and installed 2,000 sf of new hardwood flooring.  Since then Kevin has played a key role in remodeling the rest of the house.  His work includes replacement of galvanized piping with copper in 3 bathrooms, plumbing for 3 bathrooms and a kitchen, painting a 1,000 sf family room, replacement of the deck after the hailstorm and electrical/lighting updates too numerous to mention.  We have found that if we want to have work done right the first time – we Just Call Kevin – 865-679-0062.  We have the number memorized by now!”

Bob and Mary Margaret Eckhardt


From the Lusks:

“If you need a handyman, JUST CALL KEVIN.  He is reliable, trustworthy and efficient.  His work is very detailed and thorough.  His quotes are always right on the money.  It’s great to have someone who can do or fix anything you need plus get it done on time and at a great Price!  If you are looking for a hard working, Christian guy, Kevin is the one to call.”

Steve and Sue Lusk


From the Rushs:

“When I bought my 1960s ranch house in 2011, I asked my realtor for a recommendation for a reliable contractor who would do both repairs and renovations.  He gave me three names; I met with two of them to get estimates on a list of repairs and the room addition and chose Kevin, not on the basis of the estimate (the estimates were very nearly the same anyway), but because I was impressed by his suggestions for changes to my ideas and solutions to problem areas.” 

“Since then, Kevin has done numerous small repairs for me, one major renovation and a room addition.  For every job, he arrives early, works efficiently and steadily, leaves late, and he comes every weekday – and sometimes on Saturday– until the job is done.  You will never find Kevin disappearing for hours or days in the middle of a job; he is there working until it is completed.   When he leaves in the evening, the workspace will be neat, clean and safe.”

” As with any older home during a remodel, Kevin sometimes discovered hidden problems as work progressed (I was already aware that the former owners were not-always-successful DIYers, especially in terms of taking scary shortcuts in electrical wiring).  In every instance, he showed me the problem, suggested solutions, and took care to mind the budget.  In fact, Kevin is careful to mind the budget and stick to his estimate for a job at all times; there was never a budget overrun that he did not discuss carefully with me beforehand, and there was never any pressure to spend more.  Instead, he often came up with suggestions for saving money while maintaining quality materials.”

“After knowing Kevin for a short while, I felt completely comfortable giving him a key to my house to come and go as needed, and when I needed to leave before he finished work, I knew Kevin would lock up the house safely for me.”

 I have never regretted the decision to go with Just Call Kevin.   I now have a safe, convenient and more liveable home thanks to Kevin.  I still have some ideas for some closet renovations and pantry storage, so it won’t be too long before I will be calling Kevin again! 

Pam Rush


From the Gimbles:

“It certainly is a pleasure to have the opportunity to comment on behalf of Kevin Schlosser.  Like any homeowner, we’ve had a few “things” happen along the way that need fixing.  Kevin has always been there for us whenever we need him.”

” When Kevin first asked me if I might write a few words for his website I honestly thought about turning him down.  Why?  Well, selfishly, aren’t you supposed to keep a great handyman and remodeler (or any service worker) a secret?”

“At once, he provides dependable, thoughtful, and skilled handyman and remodeling services. He’s trustworthy in the way you want someone to be who’s going to have access to your property; we don’t hesitate to give him the keys to the palace (literally) while the job is being done.”

“It goes without saying that his work is excellent.  Perhaps best of all, he shows up for work on time, gets the job done as agreed upon, and cleans up the worksite during the project. And after the job is done, you’ll never know he was there.”

 “We don’t like to be “helicopter” homeowners when there’s a job being done.   But, I bet you can think of a few times when you wish you’d supervised the work being done on your home more thoroughly.  Remember, Time is your most valuable resource and frankly, my wife and I simply don’t have the time to “supervise” a job being done in our home.  With Kevin, you don’t spend your valuable time hovering over him while he’s doing his work because you know for certain that it’s going to be done right… and with no excuses.

“To name just a few things Kevin has done for us in our main property… he’s installed and repaired indoor flooring, refinished wood floors, done some major repair work to 50 yr old plumbing, made doors that were “difficult” work, installed shelving and new door locks, salvaged gutters that were hung awkwardly by previous workers, repaired roof gables and patched leaky roofing.  His painting skills are flawless.”

“Quickly, I’d like to share two vignettes with you about Kevin that illustrates his commitment to excellence and importantly, his character as a person.”

“Well, we ended up buying a getaway cabin in Kingston, TN.  Suffice it to say, when we purchased the cabin, it was “rough” and had seen it share of “livin’” over the past 40 odd years since it had been put up.”

“In our cabin, Kevin installed all new drywall in both the bedrooms, redid the hardwood floors, painted all the walls and kitchen cabinets, installed new shelving, fixed all the doors, installed flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, installed a tub/shower and toilet, ran hidden cabling for the AV system, and installed multiple light fixtures.  All of the work was excellent and it made our new getaway a wonderful place where the family could relax and be comfortable… a home away from home which is just what we were looking for.”

The other vignette has to do with water, which in the wrong place can be a homeowners nightmare.  We had purchased our home with the usual care of obtaining a home owner’s inspection.  Among the many things we contractually agreed upon prior to purchase was some roof repairs stipulating that there be a reinspection after the roof was repaired.  About four months after we moved in, it started to rain, big time.  The rain was torrential and guess what…. there were leaks in the roof, big time, in multiple areas.  Not only that, but it was terribly windy.  I was at work unable to get away when my wife called me, panicked.  I said, call Kevin and see if he can come over and “do something”.  My wife called Kevin and on a moments notice, not only did he come over immediately, but he brought a large thick tarp, laid it on the roof and secured it, protecting the roof and our house from further damage in the midst of a horrible rain storm.  All he asked of us was “return the tarp when you’re done getting your roof repaired”.  Wow! “

 Can’t say enough about Kevin.  He’s a real asset to any homeowner.  He’s a pro with great skills, clean, reliable, trustworthy, and delivers the project on time.

The Gimbles